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Hattiers "Egremont" Premium Reserve Rum

Hattiers "Egremont" Premium Reserve Rum

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Hattiers Egremont is fast becoming the rum of choice for many of the world’s finest bartenders. Designed to be sipped or mixed into more robust cocktails, Premium Reserve Rum is a blend of 8-year-old rums from Barbados and The Dominican Republic, 6-year-old offering from Panama and a 4-year-old component from Guatemala. The result is jovial and warming, with notes of gingerbread spices, roasted peaches and apricots, apple pie drizzled with cream, chocolate toffee, caramelised banana and a twist of black pepper.

Although bone-dry, the flavours create the illusion of natural sweetness. We love it sipped neat at the end of the evening, topped with Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer and a wedge of lime, mixed into a Rum Old Fashioned (with a marmalade as the sweetener) or shaken into a devilishly good Mai Tai.

Out of all the spirits, rum probably has the most problematic history, intrinsically tied to colonialism and the exploitation of people and the environment. However, in world that’s becoming far more conscious of the damage we do, a new breed of rum producers has emerged. Hattiers is one of the brands at the vanguard of that movement. Plastic-free from day one, they support their local community, they’re planting a broadleaf native woodland to offset their environmental impact, they’ve made a commitment to Net Zero Carbon by the end of 2021, and they’re the world’s second certified B Corp rum. B Corps are a growing and inspirational community of companies that use business as a force for good, putting people and the planet before profit, thus making them the savvy choice for conscious consumers.

Hattiers is an independent business that imports premium tropically aged rums from around the world. In Devon, those rums are expertly blended at a punchy 60-70% ABV to create something even greater than the sum of its parts, before reducing the alcohol level down using soft water filtered through the granite of Dartmoor. This water is one of the key elements that makes Hattiers Rum so damned drinkable. The company experimented with 13 different water sources before settling on a well near the village of Beesands. Their world-class rums contain no added colourants and are non-chill filtered, but what swung it for us was finding out that the entire range is built on a base of 8-year-old rum distilled by the legendary Richard Seale at Barbados’ Foursquare – the five-time consecutive winner of the International Spirits Challenge’s “Rum Producer of the Year”.

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