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Il Casato Sauvignon Blanc Friuli

Il Casato Sauvignon Blanc Friuli

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Sauvignon Blanc Friuli DOC 2020

You may not have tried a Sauvignon Blanc from Italy before, but try this and you'll be pleased you did. You still get the citrus flavours you expect, but here it is tempered with floral, herbaeceous notes which make for an elegant white wine.

After the harvest in mid of September, the grapes are destemmed and softly pressed, then undergo a cold maceration. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature around 12°C – 14°C. Greenish yellow, with mineral and aromatic bouquet mixed of hints of fruit and profume of sage and elder flowers. The taste is rich and elegant with a long lasting after taste.

Excellent match for all the vegetables dishes or seafood, such as risotto with mussels and baked fish.


Il Casato Sauvignon Blanc Friuli Doc 2020:



“My deep connection to the vineyard goes back to my very first childhood, during the walks in the country around Roveré della Luna with my grandparents, who took me along with them. On one of those, in a fall day, I took my first steps.

This bond to the field marked my whole youth, most spent between harvests and plays with my friends. At the time to face the high school choice, I hadn’t doubts. I wanted to attend the Agricultural College San Michele all’Adige, a prestigious and historical school, established in 1874 by the Austro-hungarian Diet to promote the Tyrolean agriculture and which had formed the most famous European oenologists. There I could study everything about my passion.

I graduated in 1991, and shortly after began my adventure by Schenk Italia in Ora. 28 years of work in the vineyard and in cellar have passed since then, that have led me to who I am today: changed and grown up, from the human and the work side. I have traveled a lot in this long period, visiting vineyards and cellars in the whole Europe, increasing my knowledge about different realities and cultivating the desire to produce my own wine, suitable to my personality and to my background, necessarily tied to our Territory.

An anecdote, purely by chance, was the input to this project. Story goes that the very first Pinot Grigio blend traded in the US was born from the vineyards along “Rio Favogna” in Roverè della Luna, on the border between Trentino and Alto Adige.

Cutlivating Pinot Grigio in the Valdadige is perfect in terms of soils and climate. We choose therefore this grape variety, with a cultivation in row with espalier structure.

The adventure for our brand new Pinot Grigio starts thus from my hometown.I carefully supervise all the phoenological stages of the vine: while the sprouts give way to the green leaves, the researches to realize the bottle take also place. I give green light to my imagination and look for everything needed, together with the graphic designer and the glassware company: the right glass type, the colors, the capsule, the label, all the elements that accompany a great wine. Slowly the project comes to life and takes shape. The bottle I choose is bordolese imperiale, with a cone-shaped and well-proportioned body, the ideal name and shape for a wine with such important features. The color of the glass allows seeing all the wine facets, straw yellow with light golden reflections. After considering a wide range for the label, I choose for clear shades, to express at best the essence of the project: birth, innovation, trust and purity.

Time goes by while I am studying every single detail, and the harvest comes closer. My visits in the vineyard increase and, among the rows of the vines I think about the project: I would like to insert in the label an element reminiscent of nature. The beauty and the simplicity of the vine leaf are what I am looking for, the last missing piece to complete the artwork. The fall shows up, and it is the most important period of the entire process: it is time to check the ripeness of the grapes and the right balance between sugar and acidity to get the product that I want. In mid-September the grapes reach the perfect point of maturation, and we begin the harvest. The passion for wine and my land has not been exhausted. Indeed. This year has been enriched with three new labels that bear the name of many prestigious vines: an aromatic Sauvignon Blanc of the hills of Alta Grave Friulana, Schiava Valdadige wine, an elegant delicate pink shades nectar born from the native vines of Valdadige and Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti wine, characterized by a fruity bouquet with clear notes of red fruits.”

Egidio Finazze

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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 13%