Classic White Wine Selection

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Classic White Wine Selection

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Are you looking for a white wine gift box or white wine hamper? Or maybe you just want a super selection of white wines to drink at home?

We love old world wines. The romance of French wine, especially those crafted in the Rhône valley. The Rhône is known as "La Capitale des Amoureux" - "The Capital of Lovers"; so it's no wonder that we lust after their wines.

Every glass of a wines crafted in the Languedoc region of France is imbuded with Mediterranean sunshine.

With a history which stretches back beyond Roman times the Europeans have learnt a thing or two about wine making, and without getting too dew-y eyed, we think you can taste some of that history and romance in every bottle.

We also love the verve and excitement in wines from the new-world, especially when you find the perfect expression of a grape variety in the perfect terroir - Chenin Blanc from South Africa is an example that springs to mind.

Plus if you're sending this as a white wine gift box to friends or family, you can add a greeting card during the checkout process.

We also have a Classic Mixed Selection and Classic Red Wine Selection.

What's Inside the Case?

This mixed white wine selection includes two bottles each of the following wines:

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