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Calancombe Estate

The story began in 2012 when Caroline and Lance Whitehead bought the Calancombe Estate in South Devon. The estate traces it origins back to the 16th century. It's location between Dartmoor and the coast provides a unique microclimate. Combine that with south-facing slopes and free draining soil and the Estate is ideally suited for wine production.

After taking advice from a leading viticulturist the first vines were planted in 2013. The total plantings now exceed 23 acres making the Estate one of the largest in South Devon to produces its own wines.

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Meet the Winemaker

Meet the Winemaker

Olly Shaw, Calancombe Estate

Calancombe’s aim is to: "produce the finest quality sparkling and still white, red and rosé wines, from grapes grown exclusively on our Estate and produced in our purpose built winery."

Winemaker Olly Shaw previously worked in France and New Zealand where he acquired skills and knowledge about the art of viticulture.

What do visitors love about Calancombe?
People love to visit us and pick up a bottle or two of something delicious. A great product they know has been grown and produced here and is supporting the local economy. We aim to be as self-contained as possible and do all of our own bottling and labelling, for example.

What has influenced your winemaking style?
We do a lot of maceration as they do in New Zealand to enhance the fruit characteristics of our wines, but we’re also drawn to the community-style wine making that they have in France.


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Despite the youth of the vines, Calancombe is already producing wines with impressive complexity and subtlety.

The team at Calancombe want to be an integral part of the developing English wine scene, both by continuing to produce high quality wines and by helping newer producers to become established and make informed decisions about what to plant where.The team’s passion doesn’t stop at wine. They make a delicious cassis from blackcurrants grown on the Estate, along with still and sparkling cyder. They are also experimenting with a rhubarb liqueur.

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