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Quality is in vogue. Montaia make great wines in the pursuit of the highest quality. They work their vineyards with care and expertise following nature’s tempos, and they hand-harvest the fruits of the land. In the winery, the ancient wisdom handed down from grandparents meets the ultimate expression of modern oenology. They patiently work while waiting for the right age for each of our wines. Design, art, care for details. The strong personality of the wines translates to special bottles and labels.

The wine all speak of the region, the wisdom and know-how of Romagna people, their care for beauty, and the carefree spirit for fun of the land.

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Meet the Winemaker

Meet the Winemaker

Montaia Winery

Società Agricola Montaia lies in the hills just outside Cesena, a few miles inland from the Adriatic. The constant sea breeze provides the ideal microclimate for winegrowing. Every stage in production, from fermenting to bottling, from stabilization to microfiltration, is directly managed by Montaia’s own staff in controlled-temperature conditions. Production is constantly monitored by a qualified oenologist assisted by an experienced cellarman.
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Tonino Guerra, the colours and fragrances of a unique terroir

Tonino Guerra was a great appreciator of Montaia wines. We’re proud to have some of his works on the labels of this exclusive selection. Guerra’s reputation as poet, film director, scriptwriter, painter, writer and thinker is intimately connected with the traditions of his native Romagna. Tonino Guerra’s Romagna is a Romagna where it’s quality, never quantity, that counts: where the frontiers between tradition, poetry and art are erased. These same values are embodied in Montaia wines.

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