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Cantina Orsogna

Cantina Orsogna is an organic and bodynamic producers in Terre di Chieti, Italy. Sheep wander freely through the vineyards in winter and their wool is the thread used as the binding for each bottle.

The cultivation of the vineyards is in harmony with nature. Cold winters in the Abruzzo mountains and the hot summers in the plain force shepherds to move their flocks seasonally. Therefore sheep can find, at any time of the year, the most suitable place to feed and produce quality wool, milk and meat. An ancient practice that began in autumn (ritually on 29th of September, the day dedicated to St. Michael, protector of shepherds) and the return to the mountains coincided with the beginning of summer. About 3,000 sheep annually graze in the vineyards.

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Meet the Winemaker

Meet the Winemaker

Camilo Zulli, Cantina Orsogna

Cantina Orsogna was created in 1964. It is the largest producer of organic and biodynamic wines in the south of Italy. It has been certified biodynamic since 2005 and has been organic producers for more than 30 years.

Under the Lunaria brand they support the activities of the WWF LIFE Euroturtles project to protect turtles in the Mediterranean.

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The earth is not an “inert” substrate, but a real living organism capable of assimilating, metabolizing and transforming the elements present in nature and returning them in the form of unique and irreplaceable complex nutritional molecules.

During grazing, sheep transform grass into organic fertilizer (sheep manure), which improves soil fertility and its macro and microbial life by increasing fertility, nutrient absorption and resistance against pathogens.

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