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Bodegas La Eralta

The winery produces a wide range of exceptional Riojas, always classical in style. In excess of 10,000 barrels of French and American oak are housed in the Bodega’s barrel hall for the ageing of all their Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas. Production capacity stands at 3 million litres per year.

Combining modern technology with meticulous and traditional wine making methods, their wines are of an extremely high standard, exuding the true expression and characteristics of RIoja. They are proud of their place and of every bottle that leaves the family winery.

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Meet the Winemaker

Meet the Winemaker

Francisco Sanz, Bodegas La Eralta

A family run winery founded in 1990 in the village of Agoncillo. During this time, continual dedication and a passion for the wines they produce has been constant. Francisco is proud of every bottle that leaves his family winery.

The winery combines modern technology with traditional wine making methods. The wines exude a true expression of the land.

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The winery is capable of receiving and elaborating almost 4 million kilos of grapes each year. The production capacity is 3 million litres per year. Housed in the barrel hall are in excess of 10,000 French and American oak barrels for the purpose of ageing Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas. Combining modern technology with meticulous, traditional wine making methods, the quality and classical style wines exude the true expression and characteristics of the Rioja land.
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