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Wine is the history of Georgia; when the country was powerful, wine-making was flourishing - vineyards blossoming, the best wine was being produced, the new species were being evolved, and vice versa - the decline of the country was reflected on the winemaking.

It’s been more than 8000 years since the beginning of winemaking culture in Georgia. It’s unimaginable to have a gathering in Georgia without wine, they drink wine in sickness and health, in better and worse, they meet a birth of new life with a glass of wine and follow one to its last way with it. The wine was, is and will always be present. It is impossible to imagine a Georgian man and Georgian wine separated.

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Meet the Winemaker

Meet the Winemaker

Alazani, Kardenakhi, Georgia

The village of Kardenakhi has a long winemaking history, every house door has a vine growing over it, which is where the name comes from - `Kari` (door) and `Venakhi` (vine).

Alazani Winery was founded in the 19th century. Their wines are made with Georgian grape varietals which are aged in French, resulting in wines which are soft, aromatic, and gentle.

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Georgia is known as the `cradle of wine` as it is believed that winemaking stems from this area around 8000 years ago. Early Georgian winemaking traditions are still prevalent many thousands of years later including the use of a Qvevri (pronounced kwev-ri); a clay pot buried underground for fermentation and storage.

As a Christian nation, Georgia was left unscathed by the Crusades in medieval times and was outside of the Ottoman empire which banned wine consumption under Sharia law which has meant that Georgia is not only the oldest wine region, but also the region which has most consistently produced wine throughout its history.

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