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Sharpham Bacchus 'Stop Ferment' 2022, Devon

Sharpham Bacchus 'Stop Ferment' 2022, Devon

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The wine scene in England is still pretty young by international standards. We're making superb English wines, but unlike the French, with thousands of years of history, we maybe haven't got a full understanding of which parts of England are best suited to which styles of wine. 

I think it possible though that South Devon may turn out to be the best place to make English white wines. Sharpham Wines Sandridge Barton estate have been doing just that for over forty years. The vineyard is in a south facing bowl just above the River Dart. 

This award winning Bacchus took gold at the Wine GB awards in 2019 and it is an example of how good still English wines can be.

Stop Ferment literally means that the ferment is stopped. The fermentation tank is closely monitored and tasted frequently in order to detect the perfect balance of natural grape sweetness and tingly acidity. The tank is then cooled to below five degrees to stop the fermentation.

On the nose it is bright and floral, reminiscent of the wines of Alsace or Germany, yet undeniably English with it's scent of elderflower and green apple.

In the glass it has the palest hints of colour. On the palate it is off-dry and well balanced with just a flash of sweetness upfront. This English wine is a spring hedgerow in a glass. Glorious.

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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 11%
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BIN: BTL-0089
Vegetarian: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Style: White

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Duncan Schwab, Sandridge Barton

Duncan Schwab has been making Sharpham wine for over 25 years. He became CEO when they moved to their new home at Sandridge Barton, Stoke Gabriel in 2022.

With over 40 years of history, Sharpham wines are the result of a happy marriage of soil, climate and grape variety. Ducan uses new world and traditional techniques to develop a unique regional character. 



The colder climate in England gives Bacchus higher acidity and lower yields than when grown elsewhere. English Bacchus wines often fall somewhere between the typical French and New Zealand styles of Sauvignon Blanc, although there are examples at either end of the spectrum.


Devon, England

Devon's vineyards are situatued in the valleys and lowlands of south and east Devon. Mostly close to the rivers Exe, Teign and Dart.

The growing season is long, with sun and heat starting earlier and lasting longer than in many other English counties. This gives the grapes more time to ripen and more time to hang.