The Earth Beneath Our Feet Pinotage 2015, Franschhoek

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The Earth Beneath Our Feet Pinotage 2015, Franschhoek

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Think Pinotage is too tanic and a bit rough? Well, think again. This is a wine worth investigating.

The grapes have been harvested from dryland bush vines which were planted way back in 1976. They are growing in sandy loam soils on the Piekenierskloof plateau at a high altitude of 750m above sea level. The days are warm and the nights are cool nights which is the perfect combination of factors to help the bunches to ripen slowly and produce balance and a wonderful depth of flavour.

Made by farmer Willem B, the production was limited to just 8 barrels with very low amounts of sulphur. The wine has aromas of wild berries, clove and tobacco. The tannins are beautifully soft, and there is a lingering finish on the palate. This wine benefits from breathing - so open it up an hour or so before you enjoy it, and decant it if possible.

Pair this with BBQ pulled pork.

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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 14
Designation: WO Piekenierskloof
BIN: BTL-0342
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South Africa

South African wine has a history dating back to 1659 with the first bottle being produced in Cape Town by its founder and gouverner Jan van Riebeeck. South Africa is located at the tip of Africa with its wine regions located near the coastal influences of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. These regions have a mostly Mediterranean climate that is marked by intense sunlight and dry heat.


South Africa's red wine signature variety. Cultivated in 1925 as a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut (then known as "Hermitage").

It typically produces deep red varietal wines with smoky, bramble and earthy flavours, sometimes with notes of bananas and tropical fruit.