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Alpha Box & Dice ‘Dead Winemaker’s Society’ Dolcetto 2018, McLaren Vale

Alpha Box & Dice ‘Dead Winemaker’s Society’ Dolcetto 2018, McLaren Vale

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‘Dead Winemaker’s Society’ Dolcetto, McLaren Vale 2018

Dead Winemakers Society is a homage to those visionary individuals that carved their path in the wine industry before us. They were the crazy ones; the wildeyed wine poets that had a deep respect for both the land they farmed and the process of guiding the fruit to bottle in the most thoughtful and composed manner possible

With a sweetly decomposing autumnal underbrush nose, this impressive Australian red wine leads into a palate of ripe bitter cherries with a gently leafy tannic spine.

Another deliciously more-ish Italianette varietal from Alpha Box & Dice best served at (drumroll…) tomb temperature.

The 100% dolcetto grapes are hand picked off two vineyards in Kuitpo, Adelaide Hills: Christmas Hill and Yacca Paddock. Light red clay soils builds pretty, light aromatics and gentle tannin stucture. The grapes are de-stemmed and then undergo whole berry wild fermentation on skins until dry.

The wine is matured for 18 months on lees in old Burgundy barriques.

Alpha Dice & Box

A modern, cutting-edge collection of wines - just look at the labels - from the passionate and slightly bonkers trio of Dylan and Justin Fairweather and winemaker Sam Berketa. AB&D was founded in McLaren Vale in 2008 and is unconventional in its approach; there are no ‘regional, varietal or stylistic’ boundaries, just great wines from great fruit.

The plan is to craft a different wine for every letter of the alphabet - from Apostle (Shiraz-Durif blend) to Zaptung (crown-capped Prosecco). Each wine is unique and has a story and eye-catching label to go with it. A fab collection of wines that a causing quite a buzz in the wine scene.

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ABV: 12.7%