Sandridge Barton, The New Home for Sharpham Wine

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Sandridge Barton sits on the banks of the River Dart close to Stoke Gabriel. A few miles downstream is Sharpham House, site of a pioneering English vineyard.

As a Westcountry restaurateur of many years I have always been interested in English wines. Way back in 1977 I was running a tiny hostelry in Plymouth when I had the opportunity to purchase some rather unique samples of English wine. Most of the wines were made from grapes I had never tasted, or even heard of.

Around 80% were undrinkable: lacking fruit, definition, balance, or charm. 

There was, however, one shining star. A reason to drink on.

The best wine of the bunch was a Westcountry wine, named Pilton Manor, a Somerset-based blend of European grapes creating a fruit-driven spicy wine of note. 

Fast forward to 1981

In 1981 grapes were first planted on the west bank of the River Dart at the Sharpham Estate nr Totnes. AFter which the fledgling Sharpham Wine Company had to wait for three years to make their first wine.

Those young grapes have since matured and some are still used to create their ever popular cuveé Dart Valley Reserve.

Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve 2022, Devon

Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve 2022, Devon


The team at Sharpham, led by head wine maker Duncan Schwab, have crafted a crisp, clean, easy-drinking English white wine. Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve is...… read more

Here is a dry white wine of distinction. Those vines have thrived over the past 40 years, producing some of the UK’s most innovative and distinctive wines. With a style and price that suits both the English palate and pocket.

Sharpham wines have been awarded numerous medals and awards in local and national competitions, most recently winning Silver in the 2022 WineGB Awards.

In 2008 an opportunity arose to plant more grapes, this time across the River Dart close to Stoke Gabriel. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir became the main quarry allowing them to go full-steam ahead with quality English sparkling Wine. Pinot Gris was also planted offering the wine team plenty to play with.

Their portfolio grew to a point where the winery was creaking at the seams! Something had to give. So around 2018 when the opportunity came to create a new winery and visitors centre near to their newer vineyards they seized the chance. 

Sandridge Barton, a new Era

Sandrige Barton Winery and Visitor Centre

In no time at all they built a new sustainable winery capable of producing up to three times more wines than their original site. With two vintages under their belt, a brand new visitors centre, restaurant and accommodation, Sharpham has now changed its name to Sandridge Barton the home of Sharpham Wines

At a recent ‘soft opening’ I attended we were treated to samples of Dart Valley Reserve, Sparkling Blanc, Pinot Gris "Little Bee", and Pinot Noir. All showed excellently proving the relocation a resounding success.

This perfect move will enable consistent award-winning wines to be crafted amongst the newly-restored ancient farmhouse buildings being brought right up-to-date.

Discover our full range of Sharpham Wines.

Visits, tasting, vineyard safaris and excellent restaurant facilities are all available.

Originally featured in the Western Morning News 28/05/2022

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