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Dartmouth Gin

Dartmouth Gin

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Dartmouth English Gin is celebrated for its complexity and incredible smoothness. It is distilled at Calancombe Estate, South Devon, by Lance and Caroline Whitehead (descendants of Dartmouth shipbuilders, fishermen and merchant seamen).

The gin is made in a unique copper pot still, built by Müller Brennereianlagen in the Black Forest, Germany. The herbs, flowers, and fruit all come from the Estate along with the finest botanicals from around the World. The crystal clear Calancombe spring water is another essential element of the gin.

The final element of the astonishingly smooth spirit is patience. The distillation completed at low temperature over a long period.

The end product is a gin with bold juniper; floral notes from rosemary, lavender and citrus fruits. Grains of paradise, cardamom and cubeb berries bring lively spice followed by a lasting finish, with the sweetness of liquorice.

Dartmouth English Gin astonished the gin world in 2018 by winning "Classic Gin of the year" within weeks of launch. This juniper-led gin is celebrated for its incredible smoothness, complexity, and a certain magic.

"A truly special contemporary classic ranked the top tier of Dry Gins anywhere in the world. There's bright citrus, soft florals, clear gin heart and onto a lingering finish. The perfectly layered journey is a treat to the senses. A must have.”
Olivier Ward, Editor, Gin Foundry

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Bottle Size: 70cl
ABV: 45%%
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