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Salcombe Gin, Start Point, Devon

Salcombe Gin, Start Point, Devon

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Every drop of Salcombe Gin is distilled with an unrivalled passion, care and attention to detail.

This Devonshire gin is handcrafted using the more traditional ‘one shot’ method, on ‘Provident’ (the striking 450 litre copper pot still which stands proud for all to see in Salcombe).

They use the finest of botanicals, hand sourced from around the world, many of which have been traced back to the global maritime trading routes and cargoes once carried by the Salcombe Fruiters. Each of the botanicals has a story to tell, none are mass produced, all are traceable to their source and all are picked at their best.

Of utmost importance and often overlooked in gin distillation is the quality of the water used for blending. We know that water plays an important part in creating a phenomenally smooth gin, so blending gins with Dartmoor water makes Salcombe gin super smooth; it is some of the softest and purest water in England, sourced from high up in the wilds of Dartmoor National Park.

‘Start Point’ is created using the finest Macedonian juniper berries selected for their high limonene content and the fresh citrus peels of red grapefruit, lemon and lime which are hand peeled each day prior to distillation.

A further nine botanicals including English coriander seed, cardamom, cubeb berries, liquorice and angelica root are used to create this exceptionally smooth London Dry Gin.

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Bottle Size: 70cl
ABV: 44%%
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BIN: GIN-002

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