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Giribaldi Alta Langa DOCG Spumante Pas Dose' Riserva 2015


Giribaldi Alta Langa DOCG Spumante Pas Dose' Riserva 2015

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Do you love Italian sparkling wine but long for something more complex than the same old, same old Prosecco? This Metado Classico sparkler from Matteo Giribaldi is an absolute gem. Unlike Prosecco (which gets its sparkles from injecting CO2) this is Italian sparkling wine made in the proper way.

Yes, it is more labour intensive and takes longer (this wine spends 30 months on its lees) but as a famous stout brand told us "good things come to those who wait". Your patience is rewarded with a sparkling wine that outperforms similarly priced grower Champagnes.

The wine is a blend of 60% Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) and 40% Chardonnay. The pas dosé (zero sugar) represents the purest essence of bubbles and the most authentic expression of Giribaldi terroir. This is a wonderfully bright fizz with aromas of citrus and honey. The wine bursts on to the palate with crisp, dry lemon. Elegance and grace come along with classic pastry notes.

In the glass the bubbles are tiny but persistent. The finish is long and lingering.

This is an excellent bottle of sparkling wine, perfect to kickstart the most refined celebrations.

Giribaldi wines are a family affair, they are made by Mario Giribaldi, the third generation of the family. His wines are a reflection of the people who make it, those who work in the vineyard under the all-day sun, or in the cold winter snow. Those who work all day and night in the winery during the harvest to watch the wine slowly transform, those who dress the bottle and look after its image, those who are ambassadors and pass on the passion of those who made it.

The Giribaldi winery began at the beginning of the 20th century and has been producing wines for three generations. In those days, times were hard, and agriculture was not only a means of income but also a real pride for those who loved their land even though it made them suffer so much. It was normal for them to make sacrifices for the land they were brought up on.

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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 13%%
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BIN: BTL-0153
Style: Sparkling & Champagne
Style: Sparkling Blend

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Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is affected by a tug-of-war between two weather systems: the ice cold Alps and the warm Mediterranean temperature. This variation makes the whole area fill up with morning fog that slowly burns off during the day. This means the land higher up on the hills gets more sun. More sun = happy grapes = good wine. It's why Piedmont (or Piemonte) is considered to be Italy's best wine growing region.


Matteo Giribaldi, Azienda Agricola Mario Giribaldi

Today, thinking of the traditions and love for something alive like wine, I simply continue the work of my father and grandfather with the same passion and devotion. We are a family winery representing the third generation of the Giribaldi wine family, but above all, because we are one big family made up of 10 people, who every day proudly work all together, and share the same passion.


Sparkling Blend

The grapes, most commonly Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier, are used to make several base wines that are assembled together to make Champagne, English Sparkling wine and other classic cuvée wines.

Champagne blends can also include Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Other appelations have rules about which grapes can be included.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews
check icon verified Trusted Customer 27th Mar 2023
Great sparkling wine which is a good alternative to Champagne
check icon verified Trusted Customer 5th Jan 2023
A lovely sparkling wine which was a real treat on NYE
check icon verified Trusted Customer 9th Dec 2022
Super fizz, better than vintage Champagne IMHO