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Rosso Vermouth, Knightor, Cornwall

Rosso Vermouth, Knightor, Cornwall

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A rich bittersweet English vermouth. Aromas leap out of the glass of bitter orange zest, aniseed, cinchona and gentian overlaid with gentle spice.

The palate starts fruity, but finishes with a lingering bitter marmalade finish, with a hint of spiciness.

English Rosso Vermouth

This rosso vermouth is a small batch blend of 15 different herbs and spices, homemade caramel and wine made at Knightor winery in Cornwall. There are many classic herbs used such as Wormwood [Artemisia absinthium], Sage [Salvia officinalis] and Aniseed [Pimpinella anisum], plus some more exotic ones to add the bitterness and gentle spice.

The herbs, spices and zest were first infused in a fruity Eau de Vie distilled from Knightor wineries grape skins. After a short steeping period, the herb infusion was added to blend of red and white base wines and allowed to mature and integrate for a short period. Following this a small amount of caramel was made providing the classic Rosso colour and underlying aroma. This Vermouth was then allowed to age in stainless steel tanks for a short period before bottling.

ROsso is the most versatile of Vermouths, enjoy it on the rocks with a slice of orange, with a dash of soda water, or straight. Alternatively, use it to make the ultimate Negroni!

What the Experts think

'Once again, Knightor style, the racy, arc of acidity defines this vermouth, taking it a cut above. You could pair this with so many things. A slice of homemade fruitcake comes to mind, or Eccles cakes. But it would also be gorgeous with cinnamon and lemon pancakes, with pithivier, with stollen, with 'Chinese' lemon chicken, with sushi or teriyaki, even with a bacon and HP-sauce buttie. But what I think I would most like to try this with is a slow-cooked ox-cheek massaman curry. I wonder what that would be like …' - Jancis Robinson Vermouth Tasting of 88 world Vermouths | 11 Jan 2021



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Bottle Size: 37.5cl
ABV: 15%

About Knightor

At Knightor Vineyard a relatively hands-off approach to winemaking is taken. Although inspiration is taken from both old and new world, there is no desire to mimic the style of another country. The team believe that the difference with English wine is the lightness and elegance of style – this is their hallmark and what they do best.

The marginal Cornish climate gives naturally low grape yields which maximise taste but increase cost, thus they only make wines that are true to the fruit and retain an elegance that is part of the inherent character of English wine.

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