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Montaia Pignoletto DOC Vino Frizzante

Montaia Pignoletto DOC Vino Frizzante

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This is a sophisticated, semi-sparkling Italian wine. A more refined sibling to Prosecco.

A softly spritzy sparkler with the scents and flavours of fresh pears and red apples. The Pignoletto grapes for this grow in the relatively cool Imola hills of Romagna, balancing the fruitiness with a refreshing edge and light bubbles. The finish is dry and elegant.

The Wickhams' Garden of Italy range comes from the Montaia vineyard in the Cesena foothills of Emilia-Romagna, just a few miles inland from the Adriatic. With a constant sea breeze, the microclimate is ideal for winegrowing.

Each bottle has a label created by Tonino Guerra.Tonino Guerra was a great appreciator of Montaia wines, and we’re proud to have some of his works on the labels of this selection.

Guerra’s reputation as poet, director, scriptwriter, painter, writer and thinker is intimately connected with the traditions of his native Romagna. Tonino Guerra’s Romagna is a Romagna where it’s quality, never quantity, that counts: where the frontiers between tradition, poetry and art are erased. These same values are embodied in Montaia wines.


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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 12.5%