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Knightor Three Barrel Bacchus 2019, Cornwall

Knightor Three Barrel Bacchus 2019, Cornwall

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Unique Cornish Semi-Sweet Wine 

This is not what you are expecting from an English Bacchus. This Cornish white wine is a medium bodied sweet wine with only 8% alcohol, very similar to a good German riesling. 

Knightor winemaker David Brocklehurst generally makes two bacchus wines, one is made in stainless steel vats and one is made in oak barrels. These two wines are then blended together to make the finished product.

However, in 2019 the fermentation in three of the barrels stopped prematurely. When David tasted the wine he realised he had something very special and decided to bottle it as this limited release Three Barrel Bacchus.

A very different expression of Bacchus compared to your typical dry style, Knightor Three Barrel Bacchus is a unique fragrant and sweet small batch wine. This Bacchus was harvested on the 4th of October showing good levels of ripeness and retaining very good acidity due to the relatively cool ripening conditions of 2019.

The aromas are a little more reserved and grown up, peach, elderflower and delicate vanilla come to the fore. The palate is surprisingly rich for an English wine, showing honeyed oak, elderflower presse and delicate apple. The finish is sweet and long. Perfect with cheeses and fruity desserts. 


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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 8%
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Style: White
Vegan: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes

About Knightor

At Knightor Vineyard a relatively hands-off approach to winemaking is taken. Although inspiration is taken from both old and new world, there is no desire to mimic the style of another country. The team believe that the difference with English wine is the lightness and elegance of style – this is their hallmark and what they do best.

The marginal Cornish climate gives naturally low grape yields which maximise taste but increase cost, thus they only make wines that are true to the fruit and retain an elegance that is part of the inherent character of English wine.

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The colder climate in England gives Bacchus higher acidity and lower yields than when grown elsewhere. English Bacchus wines often fall somewhere between the typical French and New Zealand styles of Sauvignon Blanc, although there are examples at either end of the spectrum.

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