San Antini Pinot Grigio 2022, IGT Terre Sicily

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San Antini Pinot Grigio 2022, IGT Terre Sicily

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A 100% Pinot Grigio made in Sicily using Italy's flagship white grape. Transport yourself to the vibrant bars in Italy's market towns with this crisp, fruity and floral wine.

In the glass it has a pale and delicate lemon-green colour. On the nose it has aromas of lemons, apples and white blossom. The palate is full of citrus, pear and melon. Crisp and dry, it has a well balanced acidity with a refined and lingering finish.

Excellent as an aperitif, great with white fish or grilled chicken.

Casa Vinicola Botter Spa

The company was born as a retailer in 1928 in the Veneto region for sales of wines in casks and demi-johns to restaurants and small retailers.

In the fifties the family expanded their horizons to selling wines across Central Europe and beyond. Throughout all this expansion, the Botter family retained control and the company is now run by the third generation and from their roots in Veneto they now have a portfolio of wines produced in some of Italy’s finest regions.

Made in Sicily

Volcanic soils and a maritime influence combine to impart a distinct elegance and mineral character upon the island`s wines. Nero d`Avola and Shiraz make reliable, fleshy red wines, whilst Grillo, Inzolia and Chardonnay yield surprisingly well balanced and flavourful white wines.

However, it is the uniquely rich and mineral influenced dessert wines that are perhaps Sicily`s greatest contribution to the wine world, from Marsala to Moscato di Pantelleria and Malvasia.

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Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 12%
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Vegan: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Style: White

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Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris

In Alsace it is known as Pinot Gris, in Italy it is Pinot Grigio.

It is one of the darkest-skinned grapes producing white wine and grapes can vary from grey-blue to brownish pink. This can produce wines with an incredibly deep colour. In Italy it makes simple table wines, whereas in Alsace it is one of the four noble varieites and is often used to make spiced and perfumed styles.


Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the crossroads of the Mediterranean with a winemaking history going back 3000 years. With over 65 native wine varieties, Sicily makes flavours that can only be found on this island.

From the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the snowy peaks of Mount Etna, Sicily has most of the climates found in the rest of Italy concentrated in one beautiful island.


Botter Family, Botter Spa

They say that a good wine needs time to reveal its qualities, but it also needs dedication and constant commitment. Botter boasts longstanding traditions dating back almost a century. It has been guided by the careful hands of three generations. Luca, Annalisa and Alessandro Botter,  now lead the company, integrating their almost centenary traditions with a new vision focused on future and innovation.

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    Trusted Customer on 6th Jun 2022

    Coming from the volcanic rocks of Sicily, there's more about this than your usual Pinot Grigio.